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Classic Fidget Spinner Green



The classic spinner comes in different colour schemes.


1. Material: Inside Steel ball center bearing + outside strong ABS material.

2. 1-2 Minutes of average Spinning time, depends on dexterity of player.

3. Helps Relieve Stress,Also Good For Focus and Deep Thought.

4. Age: Adults Or Kids Aged 7+

5. Helps to quit bad habits, helps passenger to stay awake on long car drives

6. Good For Killing Time. Focusing, ADHD, Autism And Help to Relieve Anxiety.

7. Effective to help focusing and staying in the flow whilst thinking.

8. Easy To Carry, Small, Simple, Discrete and Fun

How To Play:
Hold spinner in between index fingerand thumb and use the other hand to spin it by using small continuous tapping strikes to get it moving

Variations on how to play with a fidget spinner:

1. Put it on your nose and start spinning
2. Place it on your chin or elbow and start spinning
3. Use it to play a version of Roulette

Once you really get to grips with these fidget toys, you should be able to get them spinning for a minute or more.

It’s a lot of fun to practice and see how quickly you can get the toy whizzing around in between your fingers.

In summary:

The fidget spinner is perfect for stress relief and keeping fidgety hands occupied. The fidget spinner is a fun, addictive and simple solution that fits right in your pocket. Not only is it fun and interesting, it will help you to focus on daily tasks. There is research that claims it relieves anxiety.


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Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Grey