Hoverboard Fidgetspinners and other toys

How to get a free fidget spinner?

We completely understand how our customers love to try cutting edge new toys. A fidget spinner (a $15 value) giveaway starts now at smart-balancewheel.com. You will receive a free great quality fidget spinner with purchase 8″ Lamborghini performance Hoverboard from our store. Fidget spinner will be randomly added to orders. Now enjoy spinning while you are riding your hoverboard! Have fun!

Messages from kids who applied to win
Hi I really need a fidget spinner because I always get taken out of classes at school because I get strest easily so that would help me I also would love the hoverboard cos all my friends have one and they all go on them together and I just have to walk next to them so I hope I win thanks.

I live in London. I like hovorboards but I don’t got one. But I don’t have any money so please I need one

i really love those spinners and i would like 1 spinner for free a red spinner thank you so much for the free spinner thing.

Fiery fidget spinners: A case of hoverboards part deux?

Remember last year around this time when hoverboards were in the news?

Now it seems like we have a new incendiary threat on our hands with Bluetooth-equipped spinners that play music through built-in speakers.