Fire extinguishers for toys and fidget spinners

Unbelievable fidget spinners can catch fire. What to do, Get  fire extinguishers children can use?

Before you think of buying your children bluetooth enabled fidget spinners. Think again, you may need to buy fire extinguishers at the same time. The popular fidget spinners were in the news, because over concerns that some can catch on fire.
Recently, two mothers in Michigan and Alabama “reported that their children’s Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinners burst into flames in the past few weeks.” On both occasions, the fidget spinners “were plugged into outlets, and when they caught on fire the toys melted and burned the surfaces they were sitting on.”

According to Kimberly Allums of Gardendale, Alabama, she and her son were preparing to leave home before her son’s fidget spinner caught fire. “[My son] noticed that it burst into flames and he just started screaming.
I was downstairs and all I heard was ‘fire, fire’ and the fidget spinner had literally — it wasn’t smoking, it was in flames,” Allums explained to a TV station. According to the mother, “the spinner was charging for
less than 45 minutes before it caught on fire.”

fire extinguisher for toys on fire
fire extinguisher for toys on fire

This latest concern comes on the heels of other worries that the popular toy might be a choking hazard. In fact, there have been so many worries and reports from parents that the World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.)
eventually issued warnings about the toy. In fact, in a recent statement the president of the organisation, warned parents not to “be lulled into a false sense of security that a toy is safe simply because it is popular.” The organisation’s warnings aren’t unfounded.

The best fire extinguishers for children

But what can a parent do? We recommend the best fire extinguisher in the world, which was reviewed on Cubwolf and comes from the Tectro range.
Have you taught your children how to properly use a fire extinguisher?
In the past they said

P is for pull the pin of the extinguisher;

A is for aim low;

S is for squeeze the handle; and

S is for sweep from side to side

Not with the fantastic range of Tectro fire extinguishers
A child can simply aim it by holding it sideways on the fire from at least 1m away and can extinguish a fire on fidget spinner.
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We believe that this advice on fire extinguishers is crucial.