Don’t bite, spin!

A cheap toy that prevents nail biting is just what I have been waiting for. And it works. I constantly bite my nails. A habit I could never shake off no matter what I tried – hypnosis and glue (don’t ask) were among them. It is only when I am doing something with my hands, like typing, texting, cooking and carrying that I don’t bite my nails. But put me in front of a telly, on the phone, or in front of another person and I start chewing. But since I started using the spinner, I completely stopped!

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Try biting your nails while spinning

Apparently, there is research been done that proves that hand spinners prevent nail biting by reducing stress and anxiety. I say it is bleeding obvious that you don’t nibble on your fingernails while there is a spinning device on top of it. Also, even though I cannot say that I feel particularly anxious – I would have done if that Le Pen woman would have won the French election, but that is another story – I think that spinning toy makes me feel better. It just seems to calm me down a little.

How, I cannot say – it just does. Maybe it is that whirring noise? Or because I unconsciously know that I don’t make a pig’s ear out of my hands brings me quiet contentment? No idea. Now, where is my fidget spinner…