Fidget spinners in the year 2019

classic red fidget spinner

Do you remember fidget spinners, the craze of 2017? It is estimated that 19  million fidget spinners  were sold worldwide. A craze that only lasted a few weeks and made a handful of entrepreneurs very rich very quickly.
We are always on the lookout for products that could hit a toy trend (let’s see what inflatable armour will be doing in 2019), but we are also interested in products that have more longevity such as environmentally friendly, biodegradable fire extinguishers. If you are near a flame, it makes sense to just use the fire extinguishers you will find under the link above. No need to look what class of fire it could extinguish or for a fire blanket. These green fire extinguishers are one of the most important home appliances you should be having in your home.

With regards to toys, we are already looking for the next fidget spinner, the new trend for the summer of 2019. Surprisingly, hoverboards which were believed to be the trend of 2016 are still popular, particularly popular are hoverkarts which can be attached to hoverboards, or Swegways as they are sometimes called in the UK. From riding hoverboards in Berkshire and Sussex to riding Swegways in Scotland, these electric transports are here to stay.

With regards to electric vehicles, we are noticing a trend in the streets of London, whereby busy city people are starting to roll on motorised kick scooters. Considering that London’s mayor Sadiq Khan is an asthmatic and is making it increasingly difficult and expensive for polluting vehicles, there is a definite trend towards electrisation. One trend we also noticed among cyclists and is a fully reflective jacket. They may not be water proof, but the riders are visible at night as the moon reflects brightly. We bet that this is going to become a fashion and safety trend in 2019.

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